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Yissum Research Development Company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Ltd. Founded in 1964 to protect and commercialize the Hebrew University’s intellectual property. Ranked among the top technology transfer companies, Yissum has registered over 8,900 patents covering 2,500 inventions; has licensed out 800 technologies and has spun-off 90 companies. Products that are based on Hebrew University technologies and were commercialized by Yissum generate today over $2 Billion in annual sales.
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Digital Systems, Digital RepresentationImaging, Image Processing, Pattern RecognitionE-Publishing, Digital ContentDescription Image/Video ComputingInstallations related to construction (energy, lighting, …) and 19 more
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Sp1-Variants for the Formation of Functional Interfaces Between Electrodes, Neurons, Cells and their Surroundings Project ID : 7-2011-2681[…]

Cluster7 Cluster8 From big data analysis to personalized medicine in cancer: towards the development of a computational tool for the rational design of patient-specific combination therapy. Project ID : 10-2016-4322[…]

Cluster4 Cluster5 This was filed due to a meeting that Shmuel had Project ID : 10-2018-4602[…]

Self-assembly of fluorine-capped moieties for prevention of biofilms Keywords: self-assembly, dental, dentistry, biolfilm, disruption Project ID : 9-2015-3142[…]

Cluster01 Laser writing/scorching/printing on polysaccharide and protein gels/networks and related food products .((sometimes with very high water content).) Laser printing on "water-like" food products such as polysaccharide, protein gels and others Project ID : 23-2016-4355[…]

Cluster01 Cluster11 Computer-aided taste modulators identification Project ID : 23-2016-4357[…]

Transfer process based on dissolved film with conductive pattern in water bath. Keywords: hydroprinting, conductive structures, three-dimensional, low tech Project ID : 9-2016-4364[…]

Modeling structural drug descriptors for loading and leakage properties of liposomal drugs for the rational identification of new liposomal drug candidates. Project ID : 6-2016-4303[…]

Cluster3 Based on Gati's screening and recommendation program, intended for later stage career decision (not just what to study). The emphasis is more on the recommendation stage and helping to choose from a few alternatives based on past experiences and various considerations (more so than the ini[…]

Cluster2 This project is a composition of reagents for in situ chemical remediation of contaminated soils based on gas phase superoxide radicals Project ID : 15-2018-4561[…]

A New Diagnostic Tool to Diagnose and Monitor IBD Using Clock Gene Expression Project ID : 8-2018-4562[…]

Cluster9 oral dispersible concentrate preparation for improving the bioavailability and distribution of lipidic drugs that are substrates of first pass intestinal metabolism and/or are substrates of Pgp efflux. Thus, the formulation elevates the amount of drug that reach the systemic blood circula[…]

New CNS-active carbamate derivatives of branched aliphatic carboxylic acids with 4-aminobenzensulfonamide with a broad potent antiepileptic activity Project ID : 6-2017-4419[…]

Toll-like receptors, receptors of the innate immunity, play a critical role in the development of many pathological states, in acute and chronic inflammatory processes. Therefore, TLRs represent a new direction for immunotherapy. In order to discover novel ligands interacting with TLRs, Iterative St[…]

Composition of metal-semiconductor nanoparticles for the generation of reactive species (radicals, peroxides) in solution. This project covers different embodiments that have other researchers involved on different subsets (therapeutics, photoinitiators). For example, there is a biological aspect,[…]

Cluster9 Dispersible Concentrate Lipospheres for the Delivery of Agents (PNL) Project ID : 6-2017-4492[…]

Cluster8 nano-liposomal preparation that includes C16-ceramide, in cancer Project ID : 12-2017-4482[…]

Nanoparticles matrix for the detection of non-planar and non-aromatic nitroamine analytes. Keywords: explosive detection, RDX, nitroamines, nanosensor, Devices, Molecular Electronics, Nano Materials and Nano Structures, Soil, Pollutant Detection, Homeland Security Homeland Security Project ID :[…]

Briefly, Some of the degenerative diseases associated with aging (such as Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's Dis., Congestive heart failure and more) are caused by decrease in the removal of defective mitochondria; a quality-control process known as mitophagy. The current technology/concept will enabl[…]

New Molecular species of alternatively VEGF receptor 1(sFlt-14) for diagnosis and prognosis of preeclampsia and other diseases Project ID : 6-2010-2505[…]

Cluster8 A unified method for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer based on the Expression of the Cancer Tetis Antigen gene Family in Individuals. CTA genes are very active during cellular differentiation and growth and non-active otherwise. The biopsy is beeing tested. Big database. Project I[…]

Cluster11 Green multi-hurdle pesticides to control pathogeens in agriculture Project ID : 8-2016-4271[…]


Cluster2 Phase change materials are a class of materials that buffer thermal energy by undergoing a phase transition between a liquid and solid (and vice versa). The inventors here disclose a new implementation to obtain organic microcapsules with an inorganic shell Keywords: phase change material[…]


"herbicide encapsulation by ligand binding proteins to induce herbicide-resistant in crops" Project ID : 21-2016-4387[…]

Cluster8 Cluster9 Cathepsin Nanofiber Substrates as Potential Agent for Targeted Drug Delivery Project ID : 6-2017-4395[…]

Cluster9 protein sequence from Hoefleo Phototropica has an extremely high affinity towards biotin. Fragment of this protein was identified to have the sufficient feature of the biotin binding properties. Project ID : 6-2017-4514[…]

Cluster8 an antibody that binds to a protein on the cancer cell and a toxin, for use in treating cancer. In particular, the present invention provides toxin conjugated to antipoliovirus receptor antibodies, to polynucleotide sequences encoding these antibodies and methods of treating and diagnos[…]

methylene-cycloalkylacetate (MCA)-based compounds having neurotropic activity or NGF activity, that can be used in the treatment to neurological conditions, such as for example brain disorders caused by insufficient trophic support Project ID : 6-2018-4545[…]

Future Meat Technologies LTD. Project ID : 26-2018-4638[…]

PPAR-Delta may be a promising target and that is because its agonist (GW501516) has beneficial effects on obesity, insulin resistance, and reduces plasma glucose in rodent models of type 2 diabetes. Project ID : 6-2018-4546[…]

new concepts in fighting both bacterial and fungal infections, accumulations and pathogenicity Project ID : 6-2018-4547[…]

Novel microencapsulation technology based on oil-in-oil emulsification and non-aqueous sol-gel chemistry Project ID : 31-2016-4312[…]

Novel Methods for Preparing Polymeric or Hybrid Microcapsules Using Oil-in-Oil Emulsions Project ID : 31-2016-4313[…]

A method for improving water use efficiency, drought and biotic and abiotic stress resistance in plants Project ID : 8-2014-2999[…]

A treatment resulting in attenuation of multiple aging phenotypes ("healthy aging") and lifespan extension Project ID : 6-2018-4548[…]

Cluster11 A METHOD FOR DETERMINE PROGESTERONE LEVELS IN MILK OF A LACTATING COW A non invasive, pragnancy test that can indicate for success insemination and reproductive status in lactating cows on day 17 from insemination Project ID : 8-2014-3070[…]

Cluster7 Cluster8 A diagnostic two-pronged approach to interrogate epigenetic modifications in cfDNA The assay simultaneously measures cfDNA methylation and covalent histone modifications of circulating nucleosomes, and develop analysis methods for inferring the rate of cell death, physiological […]

Deep Packet Inspection as a Service Project ID : 10-2015-3126[…]

The present invention is a method to prepare Bioscaffolds - biological scaffolds derived from thin organ fragments in a manner that ensures maximal exposure of seeded cells to external surface. Keywords: Scaffolds, tissue engineering, micro-organs, cell therapy, stem cells, embryonic stem cells, hE[…]

Perovskite Nanoparticles for Display Applications Project ID : 9-2016-4290[…]

Liposomal formulation of new moiety for dual x-ray mammography imaging and tumor visual detection Project ID : 6-2018-4664[…]

Software method for automated dialogue replacement - which is what happens at the movies when at post-production a new new dialogue is added to the film Project ID : 10-2018-4669[…]

a handheld semi-automatic device, that will pinch the skin and insert a needle under it at the right depth and angle. The user will only need to apply a clear plastic dressing over the needle to fix it in place. Project ID : 40-2018-4615[…]

Dual device comprised of a small temporary pacemaker that fits on top a standard pacing lead during the TAVI procedure itself and used to rapidly pace the heart during the procedure to prevent movement. Project ID : 40-2018-4616[…]

An endourethral catheter with no external parts that could lead to infection. The indwelling catheter allows the patient to urinate by gently pressing his penis, using a simple mechanical valve located inside the urethra. The device is inserted and extracted in a noninvasive way, similar to the proc[…]

Reduced calorie sugar mixtures. Project ID : 23-2018-4618[…]

The inventors disclose an active switching mechanism for generating short high power laser pulses of very short duration that surpasses the incumbent active and passive methods Optoelectronics / Photonics Project ID : 14-2018-4625[…]

The inventors disclose here a device for maintaining the performance of a specific crystal as a voltage-gated electroholographic switch Project ID : 14-2018-4626[…]

The proposed invention is a novel target, Phophoinositides, for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, based on a new mechanism, associating increased levels of membrane phospholipids with alpha-Syn-related toxicity. Key words: Parkinson’s disease; alpha-Synuclein; Phosphatidylinositol; phosphatidyl[…]

Optoelectronic Whole Cell Array Biosensors Project ID : 14-2006-865[…]

Keywords: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, NMR, DOSY, chemistry, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmacy, medicine Project ID : 31-2006-1702[…]

chemically modified gluococorticoids (GC), in their amphipathic weak acid form enables the effective loading in liposomes of the acidic GC. Surprisingly, the thus formed liposomal weakly acidic GC was stable, i.e. the majority of the substance remained within the liposome as intact acidic GC after s[…]

Extending Shelf Life of Fresh Produce by Utilizing a Novel Ethylene Antagonist Project ID : 8-2007-1799[…]

A Novel Device for Improved Disinfection of Recirculated Water Project ID : 15-2010-2488[…]

A novel anti-apoptotic slow-release L-Dopa precursor A small molecule (approximately the size of a tri-peptide) with multiple properties for treating Parkinson (for parkinson and anti biofilm) making the L-Dopa treatment last for many more years Project ID : 7-2014-2989[…]

Petanto PaaS - Platform as a Service Project ID : 10-2017-4463[…]

Projects with Yaakov Ophir, Christa Asterhan and Roi Reichart from the Technion Project ID : 10-2017-4467[…]

Synthesis of Rubidium Lead Chloride Nanoparticles Project ID : 9-2017-4470[…]

Method for the Bottom-up Synthesis of Nanocarbons Using Linear and Cyclic Oligofurans Project ID : 31-2017-4443[…]

Fluorescent Semiconductor Heterostructures with Dumbbell Morphology Project ID : 9-2017-4475[…]

At a meeting on 11 May 2016 Shlomo said: there is a competeing research team that already published and thregfore we cannot re-file. However the research is not yet mature to be shown to companies and therefore there is no piont to prepare a summary at the moment. Project ID : 9-2015-4244[…]

This project discloses a synthetic method and the composition of a 2nd generation family of furan-based materials that have shown excellent electronic properties - relevant for printed electronics, flexible electronics etc. Project ID : 9-2018-4568[…]

core-island-shell nanocrystals Project ID : 14-2018-4648[…]

New Amide Derivatives of 2,2,3,3 -Tetrametylcyclopropane Carboxylic Acid Project ID : 12-2007-1870[…]

Early Evaluation of Embryo Developmental Competence for IVF Infertility Treatments Project ID : 7-2015-3178[…]

The device incorporates an active drug delivery PEP valve device that provides active, accumulative dosing of large volume of aerosolized drug or air. This technology enables the distribution of the substance to the lower respiratory system. also incorporated is a Venturi-based insufflation-exhalati[…]

Capable of determining fluid properties (velocity, diffusion co-efficient etc) within microfluidic chips using optical read out of near-surface NV center defects in diamond Project ID : 14-2018-4650[…]

Capture and Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide Project ID : 31-2018-4652[…]

Efficient Chemical Preparation of Highly Stable and Fully Active Human Seleno-Insulin Analog Project ID : 6-2018-4657[…]

Copper Ink as Seed Layer for 3D Copper Plating Project ID : 31-2018-4540[…]

3D Printing of 100% Wood Project ID : 9-2018-4541[…]

3D Printing of Wood-Coated Plastics Project ID : 9-2018-4542[…]

Adaptive System to Promote Educational Software for Group Study Project ID : 37-2014-3079[…]

CloneSeq is a drop-based microfluidic system for single cell genomics. CloneSeq facilitates expansion of single-cell-based colonies in 3D micro-beads that can later be disassembled and extract nucleic acid material, compatible with DropSeq genetic sequencing technologies Keywords: Genomics, Single-[…]

Treatments for type I and type II diabetes represented by Mr. Shuki Herchovichi NewCo Founders: Shay Sapir (and/or third party): 85%; Ed Mitrani: 9%; Yissum: 6% Project ID : 6-2017-4528[…]

Cluster01 Cluster11a The increasing amount of dairy products challenge microbiologists and food engineers to develop solutions for combating bacterial threats, both to ensure product safety as well as increase shelf life. Bacteria such as Bacilli cause major economic damage, as they can withstand e[…]

Method to differentiate metabolically functional hepatocytes from pluripotent stem cells or fetal tissue Project ID : 6-2016-4294[…]

High-Speed OFDM-Based Passive Optical Access Network Project ID : 14-2010-2430[…]

A novel target for the treatment of genetic diseases caused by nonsense mutations Project ID : 6-2018-4579[…]

Synthesis of Heterocycles via Controlled Cyclization of Alpha-Enaminones Project ID : 6-2016-4351[…]

Cluster11 A system that can sort avian eggs by detecting pre-incubation fertility and pre-hatching sexing in a non-invasive procedure Project ID : 8-2009-2198[…]

Novel Indoline Derivatives as Anti-Inflammatory Agents for the Treatment of Diabetes Project ID : 7-2015-3171[…]

Modulation of the CFTR gene splicing for treatment of CF Project ID : 26-2016-4370[…]

Durable, Non-Toxic Antibacterial Coating Project ID : 26-2015-3145[…]

A company that provides services for toxicity level in molecules- for Pharma companies, maybe will produce a kit Project ID : 6-2017-4402[…]

OnTimeBio is developing a highly sensitive blood test to enable timely detection and monitoring of diseases. OnTimeBio's product utilizes advanced computational approaches with genomic and epigenomic approaches in order to enable a quantitative and exact readout of tissue dynamics across the organs […]

MercuRemoval Ltd. Project ID : 26-2015-3141[…]

Pepticom Project ID : 26-2014-3056[…]

ChickP Project ID : 18-2017-4404[…]

Project that received Meimad Funding 2M nis approved for first 18 months. Has to do with Magic Helmet Technology Project ID : 26-2013-2913[…]

Cluster9 Cannabinoids Transdermal, enhanced and modulated administration due to an innovative biphasic composition Project ID : 6-2016-4334[…]

The use of Leptin for treating undesirable manifestations of a nutritional stress condition. The invention shows also a method for improving cognitive function by the use of Leptin keywords: neurodegenerative Peptide/Protein Project ID : 12-2006-576[…]

A method for the treatment of hepatic encephalopathy comprising administering to a subject in need of such treatment an effective amount of D9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or Cannabidiol. Small molecule keywords: hepatic, encephalopathy Originally: 12-2007-1885, 12-2007-1878 12-2006-577- 3 project[…]

A New Peptide for the Treatment of Severe Sepsis, Ebola and Swine-flu Conditions Project ID : 6-2008-2115[…]

Cluster11 Dena 428 ‘Ripens during summer’ - a new variety of the Passion Dream cultivar - bares sweet, exotic flavored fruit that remains on the vine when ripened, providing a continuous flow of produce throughout most of the year. Project ID : 8-2010-2368[…]

beta- carotene as treatment for autism, Functional Foods & Ingredients, Other Disease Project ID : 6-2014-3058[…]

Cluster10a alternative method for measuring MRI signals, using NV defects in diamond Project ID : 6-2017-4449[…]

Cluster8 Many of the antineoplastic tyrosine kinase inhibitors are associated with prominent and sometimes dose-limiting dermatologic complications. Of severe clinical implication are the specific EGFR inhibitors. Most patients treated with these drugs suffer from severe impairment to their quality […]

New Method for Faster Matrix Multiplication Project ID : 10-2017-4458[…]

we aim to generate a new concept of vector design that incorporates a gene-specific enhanced translation elements and assess their performance in CHO cells. Expression of Onco-Kit improves the production of proteins in mammalian cells Project ID : 6-2017-4484[…]

Cluster8 Precise epigenome editing using DNA methylation and demethylation enzymes fused to CRISPRdCas9 Project ID : 6-2017-4496[…]

Synthesis of Cyclic Peptidomimetic and their Prodrugs Project ID : 6-2017-4503[…]

Cluster8 We propose a novel compound for the treatment of asthma. We suggest to use this new compound named XIIPHONATE as new lipid-mimetic molecule that inhibits recombinant Autotaxin (ATX), as a potential local, long-term treatment for asthma. This approach is based on the fact that a novel bioact[…]

Eye-tracking technology detects when a face looks familiar Project ID : 37-2017-4394[…]

Cluster10a Biodegradable breast cancer marking clip visible by mammography, CT and MRI Project ID : 6-2013-2969[…]

Precise gas sensor based on semiconductor-metal constructs Keywords: gas, vapor, sensor, environment, nanotechnology, device Project ID : 16-2015-4213[…]

novel chimeric proteins comprising a membrane transferring moiety and an enzymatic moiety. These chimeric proteines may be used for treating mitochondrial diseases by using enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) Project ID : 27-2006-382[…]

Cluster11 Having Activity Against Pestiferous Mites and their Use in Pest and Disease Control Plant Protection / Bio-Control Project ID : 8-2006-1341[…]

Cluster8 A new technology of decoy oligonucleotide ( modified RNA) to inhibit the activity of RNA binding proteins ( splicing factors) by competition with their natural target . RNA / DNA therapy Project ID : 6-2015-3107[…]

Transformation of organic PIs into water-dispersible nanoparticles Keywords: coatings, inks, green, 3D printing Project ID : 9-2015-4245[…]

Cluster8 Cluster10a Cathepsin Targeted Computed Tomography X-Ray Contrast Agents for Molecular Imaging of Cancer and atherosclerosis Project ID : 19-2016-4281[…]

DNA constructs that with metal nanoparticles that can be used as interconnects for molecular electronics. Keywords: DNA, molecular electronics, interconnects, Project ID : 31-2016-4289[…]

Cryptography, Cloud Technology Project ID : 10-2016-4286[…]

Formulation to treat ageing skin based on the natural combination of factors present in young regenerating skin. Project ID : 7-2008-2068[…]

Treatment with a placebo, drug-free carrier, prior to administration of particulate medicines to prevent allergic reactions to the medicines Formulation Project ID : 6-2008-2098[…]

The outlined synthetic methodology will offer conceptually novel perspective, enabling to deliver desired targets via cascade sequence of cyclization reactions from easily accessible key molecule. A simplified access will thus be provided to a wide range of spiro-epoxy-fused natural product and thei[…]

The common method used today for P. aeruginosa detection is culture inoculations, which can identify P. aeruginosa in two to three days, and requires analyses of samples in specific labs. An alternative method that was recently suggested is the use of mass spectrometry analyses for detection of 2-Am[…]

In the present study, we implement the isothermal rolling circle amplification (RCA) process to trigger a dendritic RCAinduced formation of amplifying DNAzyme catalytic labels. We describe the dendritic RCA-mediated formation of the Mg2+- dependent DNAzyme or of the hemin/G-quadruplex HRPmimicking D[…]

Transfer process from a printed donor pattern Keywords: inks, conductive, copper, Project ID : 9-2014-3021[…]

An innovative scientific and technological multidisciplinary approach to solve a central problem in medicine, VTE, that directly endangers the lives of many patients at risk.?To overcome the limitation of degradable and non-degradable filters, we now introduce a novel concept in implant design which[…]

Insertion of intravenous (IV) catheters may seem like a simple medical procedure, but it suffers an unacceptably high failure rate of 30% in adults and up to 44% in children. Two major facts that make IV access so difficult are: Appropriate veins for cannulation are sometimes small and hard to find […]

Anti-angiogenic drug combination. Project ID : 26-2006-467[…]

Cluster2 bismuth oxyhalides for photooxidation of organics. Uses visible light. Project ID : 15-2010-2421[…]

Cluster2 Super black coating based on carbon nanotubes Keywords: black, absorber, selective coatings, green, solar Project ID : 15-2013-2915[…]

Provisional filed Nov. 2015. Project ID : 9-2015-4246[…]

Cluster9 Our Innovation • New oral delivery carrier for sustained action of cannabinoids • Intranasal drug delivery carrier for immediate action of cannabinoids • Efficient treatment using nasal administration with a new delivery carrier and a new drug combination. Project ID : 6-2015-4247[…]

"Quick-Onset" Nasal Delivery of Tramadol for the Treatment of Pain Project ID : 7-2008-2191[…]

Cluster2 Formulation for salt solution that disperses fog. Keywords: rain, water, weather, smart city, drone, geoengineering, Project ID : 15-2015-4258[…]

Unique cocktails of new isolated bacteriophages (phages) with high killing capacity of the pathogenic bacteria Enterococcus faecalis and E. faecium Project ID : 7-2015-3131[…]

The HumanEyes 3D technology uses mathematical algorithms to create unique projections and reconstruct multiple viewpoints which create the effect of viewing a scene from different directions. The technology is suitable for creating 3D images for print and for presentation on electronic displays / mo[…]

HIL Applied Medical Ltd. Project ID : 26-2011-2565[…]

Melodea Ltd Project ID : 26-2012-2884[…]

Cluster2 Transparent films which generate energy for incorporation into windows. Keywords: solar cells, windows, clean tech, green, BIPV, building incorporated PV, energy, Project ID : 15-2014-3075[…]

Cluster2 An alternative pathway for the SOI technology using crystalline silicon substrates and buried films of porous silicon for physical separation and electrical isolation of the SOI film from the substrate Project ID : 9-2012-2873[…]

An aneurysm is a localized dilation of a blood vessel that arises when a weakening and thinning section of an artery wall balloons out, and it represents a life-threatening pathology due to its potential for rupture Project ID : 27-2006-374[…]

A new composition of matter comprising microparticles with both oxidized cellulose and glucans. The composition includes pharmaceutically acceptable carrier and as an active ingredient oxidized cellulose. Preferable the oxidized cellulose should be formed as microparticles and the combimation can be[…]

Cluster8 A novel family of compounds that target three types of cancer-related zinc enzymes: 1) matrix metalloproteinases (MMP2 and 9) involved in tumor metastasis dissemination, and 2) two tumor related carbonic anhydrases (CIs IX and XII) that regulate the pH in the tumors’ microenvironment 3) Au[…]

Cluster11 Demonstrates genetic constructs and amino acid sequences conferring resistance to plant pathogens Project ID : 8-2006-330[…]

Cluster8 Novel ceramide analogs with effects on pure acid ceramidase activity. These novel compounds were found to inhibit both the degradation (“forward” reaction) and synthesis (“reverse” reaction) of BODIPY-conjugated and/or 14C-labeled C12 ceramide by this enzyme. In addition these these com[…]

Electronic Device for Communication With Living Cells (Golden Brain) Project ID : 6-2006-762[…]

Small compounds that interfere with QS, therefore, offer a new approach to the development of novel antimicrobial and anti-biofilm agents TZD10 was found to be highly active Project ID : 12-2007-1866[…]

HIPPY is a home-based, family-focused program that helps parents provide educational enrichment for their preschool child Project ID : 34-2007-1898[…]

Cluster01 Cluster10a Hidden Objects / Explosives HLS: Low Cost, Reliable Source for Terahertz Imaging System: Based on novel design of InAs-GaSb Coupled Quantum Wells Civil: Medical Imaging (replacement of X-Rays, without the risk), Biochemical Spectroscopy, Industrial / Technological: Remote sens[…]

Cluster5 License Non Exclusively to HumanEyes Project ID : 10-2006-1016[…]

A Novel Technology for Increasing Solubility of Poorly Soluble Drugs and Compounds Project ID : 16-2006-842[…]

The process enables fruit pulp or other natural ingredients to be made into products with predetermined texture. Control of product texture and thermostability is maintained by inclusion of different water soluble polymers. Can be carried out under a variety of acidic conditions and can withstand ce[…]

Cluster2 Compounds for the disruption of biofilms, can be PEGylated to surfaces. keywords: Biofilm, water, quorum sensing Note Yissumiot 2008 is for patent 3298 Project ID : 15-2007-1917[…]

Small Peptide for the Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis Project ID : 7-2009-2289[…]

Cluster2 IR and temperature sensitive polymer gels keywords: sensor, smart home, IR, bolometer, haptics Project ID : 9-2010-2423[…]

New approach to interferometry enables measurement of smaller phase changes than conventional Michelson interferometer, resulting in improved resolution US patent only Project ID : 14-2010-2453[…]

Cluster2 Platform technology for wet chemistry coatings of oxides Keywords: process, wet chemistry, batteries, transition metals, Project ID : 9-2010-2490[…]

Cluster9 Liquid precursor composition that upon solidification forms a sustained release varnish cluster9 Project ID : 6-2009-2241[…]

Blind, apparatus, computer, software, harvard, sight, vision, impair Project ID : 10-2009-2261[…]

* Reading texts of all sorts is an activity done by an enormous number of people, for professional, cultural and entertainment reasons. Virtually all books and magazines that people read today are identical across different readers. * I propose to print books on-demand, along with information per[…]

Cluster8 A novel Recombinant leptin mutant acts as antagonist has a strong potential for pharmacologic agent for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, cancers, and cardiovascular disease, among others. Substitution of two to four amino acid residues of leptin to alanine converts agonist to antagonis[…]

E. coli mazEF-mediated cell death is a quorum sensing process that involves a signal peptide molecule that termed the Extracellular Death Factor (EDF). Unlike the previously discovered quorum sensing factors of E. coli, homoserine lactones and AI-2, EDF is a peptide. EDF is an integral part of th[…]

Cluster3 Our team is active in vocational psychology and career counseling, focusing on developing Internet-based, interactive career information and guidance systems Project ID : 25-2007-1899[…]

A Microarray to Reveal a Histone Profile of Cells or Tissue Project ID : 6-2008-2059[…]

Cluster3 Meeting with the researcher was held on 20/5/2008. Forums, reviews, ranking Multi-Layer Lexical Model for Automatically Ranking Book Reviews According to Review Helpfulness Project ID : 10-2008-2072[…]

Cluster2 Cluster01 Keywords: Biofiltration Project ID : 15-2010-2457[…]

Transfer process for doping semiconductors Keywords: dopants, semiconductors, process, low-cost Project ID : 9-2011-2608[…]

Novel Bile Acid Conjugates for Treatment of NAFLD/NASH and Obesity Project ID : 7-2011-2563[…]

Cluster9 sustained-release drug delivery system that can be applied directly to an inserted catheter, teeth, skin and other surfaces. Drug release is controlled by the pH of surroundings. A “built–in” pH sensor controls the release rate. For example, the release rate can be increased in acid conditi[…]

Received Kamin on June and will start research on September 2016 On June 2016 this project was unified with project 2946 and a unified project summary was uploaded to 2946. Project ID : 16-2011-2602[…]

Cluster11 Molecular Breeding Scheme for Drought-Resistant Cotton. Project ID : 8-2012-2776[…]

Raziel Therapeutics Ltd. Project ID : 6-2013-2894[…]

Cluster2 Partial degradation of the rubber granules to superabsorbent materials Project ID : 9-2013-2979[…]

Cluster6 materials for emission in the SWIR Project ID : 16-2006-101[…]

MYP - Mind Your Process – when learning together Project ID : 37-2014-3055[…]

Access Control & User Authentication HLS & Civil: User authentication and access control protocol, for computers and computerized systems, based on memory of specific set of pictures Project ID : 11-2006-120[…]

General architecture for converting digital electrical data to optical pulses. Keywords: optoelectronics, silicon-photonics, communications, architecture, bus, backplane, photonics, integrated circuits Project ID : 10-2006-405[…]

Cluster2 Materials for perovskite-based solar cells keywords: solar energy, solar cells, green, sun Project ID : 9-2012-2870[…]

Cluster8 Cluster10a method and system for analysis of color change in images in the human body. The method is used for diagnosis of such disorders that changes in color of tissues occeurs. Keywords: image processing, algorithm, dental care With Hadasit Project ID : 7-2006-854[…]

Diagnostics_ CD48 is involved in chemokine expression and eosinophil recruitment. Therefore, CD48 probably has an important role for orchestrating innate and adaptive responses in allergic lung inflammatory responses. Inflammation patent only in US Babyseed loan Sep 2008 36,000 Nofar application 01[…]

Cluster5 Keywords: colorization Project ID : 10-2006-93[…]

Software package for determining high resolution structure of biomolecules from X-Ray scattering data, Computational Biology Project ID : 9-2011-2610[…]

Molecular Layer Deposition process to obtain catalytically active surfaces Keywords: surface, MLD, photocatalysts, hydrogen peroxide Project ID : 15-2012-2780[…]

Cluster2 Process technology to improve manufacturing of anodes for Li-ion batteries Keywords: batteries, process, environment, hydrogen peroxide, wet chemistry Project ID : 9-2012-2868[…]

Cluster8 This novel computerized method will assist physicians in diagnosis, in prediction of clinical outcomes and possibly in formulating therapeutic approaches for treating a wide variety of cancers. The method is a general one and can successfully work for any disease type if an adequate size s[…]

Controlled Release Formulations for Anionic Herbicides Project ID : 6-2006-232[…]

Cluster5 http://www.yoavhacohen.com/upsampling/index.html Project ID : 10-2010-2370[…]

Cluster8 Detection of the levels of specific splicing factors used to indicate presence of cancer and cancer outcome Project ID : 6-2009-2323[…]

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